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obstructive sleep apnea

“I’m very well pleased; I sleep like a baby. I tell everyone about my mouthguard. They’re amazed. Love it – love it!” - Margaret Stover

cpap intolerance

"Very satisfied with treatment & personal interest in my sleep problem. I would not handle the CPAP but the oral device is very acceptable to me.
“Dr. Bailey, thank you for changing my life for the better! I use the appliance every night now and I feel terrific! It took me a while to get used to wearing it. I haven’t used the CPAP for a couple of months. I went with a group of dentists for a bow hunt/dental seminar, and I sang your praises as to how you helped me achieve freedom from the CPAP machine." - Michael J. Tupta, DDS
“In 2008, I was diagnosed with central and obstructive sleep apnea. I went through four different sleep studies and was directed to use a Bi-Pap machine with a full facemask. I struggled for several months and finally had to give up after finding myself discouraged and sleep deprived.
Thankfully, I heard Dr. Bailey’s radio advertisement and made an appointment. Dr. Bailey thoroughly explained my treatment options and every procedure was discussed step-by-step. I really appreciate the sincere concern that was shown to me, and I am very satisfied with my new sleep appliance. It only took a week or so to get used to and although I still suffer with central sleep apnea, I now wake feeling more rested and I do not have the severe shortness of breath I experienced using the other appliance. It is so nice having more energy during the day! I recommend the sleep appliance as well as Dr. Bailey’s office to anyone I know who suffers with obstructive sleep apnea!”- Vicki Burgess

tmj disorder

“I am very satisfied with my TMJ treatment because I no longer have clicking, popping, jaw pain and headaches. Dr. Bailey is very educated and knowledgeable in TMJ .”- Kelle Dunlap
Dr. Bailey’s treatment for my TMJ was excellent. I now have no clicking in my jaw, no locking up and very little pain. My condition has been greatly improved!” - Lori Cody


“Dr. Bailey and her staff are number one in what they do. The treatment I received was excellent. Everyone made me feel comfortable and at ease with the process and worked with me one-on-one. The team is one of the most caring groups of professionals I have ever encountered.” - Ruby Gibson
“Every aspect of my treatment has been wonderful. The team has treated me like a human being, something I have never experienced with other dentists.” - Sunny Bean
“The treatment, the skills of the doctor and the staff, and the outcome were all excellent! Both the treatment and financial options were explained to be thoroughly, and I am very happy that the staff took a personal interest in my sleeping problem. The oral device works well for me, and I am able to sleep!”
“The quality of the treatment has been excellent, and I am very satisfied with the progress so far. The outcome has exceeded my expectations, and Dr. Bailey is very knowledgeable. She also does an excellent job at explaining things in a way I understand. It is evident Dr. Bailey continues to train her staff on a daily basis. Dr. Bailey also did a great job working with myself and my insurance to make my treatment affordable.”
“Everyone was very attentive with my treatment, and the entire staff was very knowledgeable.”
“My TMJ treatment has been great! I no longer have pain in my joints, and my husband and dogs let me sleep with them again! I now have a better night’s sleep after a lifetime of grinding my teeth. Dr. Bailey and her staff are confident, and never failed to explain everything to me. I am very glad I came here.”- Jackie Mollett
“The quality and treatment of Dr. Bailey and her staff have been excellent and top-notch! Everything was explained to me in detail, and it’s been a pleasure coming here. My oral appliance has given me much needed sleep!”
“My treatment under Dr. Bailey was great. She is caring and takes her time listening to her patients. Her knowledge goes without saying, and she is great at what she does. Her entire staff was very professional, and my treatment options were explained to me every time I visited the office for an appointment. I am very grateful for Dr. Bailey. The progress of treatment was both caring and informational.”- James
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